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Best 10 ways to earn money online

Friends, in this post you will get all details and information about all the way to earn money online and offline also . i will keep adding new ways and ideas on this page about  earning  money online . so friend it is very necessary to add my blog in your bookmarks to get updates and ideas on my blog .if you have any ideas about this you can give your ideas in the comment box section. So people will learn and get good knowledge from your ideas too.Now I am telling you about the best 10 ways to earn money online .If you have a basic knowledge of computer and other skill in your self .You can easily earn a lots of money every month from home. But how you can earn , I will tell you in the given below so please  read blog carefully to get all information .

Best 10 ways to make money online  

Make videos and earn from YouTube :

 If you have any skill like singing, dancing, teaching, crafting, photography , motivation , then you can easily earn money by making videos on YouTube , First of all identify your skill , which skill do you have in yourself ? Are you a good dancer or good singer or musician, are you a good teacher .Then it is a very easy work to make a video on your skill and give education or entertainment people through your videos . Every person now a days connected with internet and a person face any problem in his life to learn any thing , he or she goes to online  on google and find the solution about his/her query. He / she try to find out in video format so he/she can watch and learn that how to get solution of that problem. So it is very easy that you can easily earn money by providing your skill to people ,I have read a slogan some where ,” यदि आप अपने ज्ञान को दूसरों में जितना ज्यादा बाँटोगे  तो भगवान आपके ज्ञान और धन दोनों में वृद्धि करेगा .”

So start making your skill and knowledge videos ,if you are a good entertainer then you can easily earn more money because now a days mostly people are having different type of stress so everyone goes on YouTube to get relax by watching good comedy shows and videos .I have watched on YouTube that mostly comedy making you-tubers are making a good money from YouTube like Amit Bhadana ,Digital kalakar, Jkk entertainment ,Chotu official etc. So friends if you want to start earning money by YouTube , then choose your niche and start working on that and start making videos. You can start earning money from YouTube when you will qualify the YouTube partnership program condition then you can easily earn money .you will get a good percentage of amount of every 1000 viewers. Actually YouTube gives you money when your YouTube channel comes under monetizing .and YouTube upload advertise on your videos and people watch add on your videos and you will get commission from YouTube .so it is very necessary to upload good content on your you tube videos .

# Blogging :

Friends if you have knowledge about any subject or your are good in writing good content , then you can start blog. But you should have basic knowledge about internet and computer. There are many platform where you can start your blog like Blogger, WordPress ,Jhoomla, Drupal .i   have knowledge about blogger where I have made my blog .but if you have good knowledge about internet and html ,Css language then you can make a good blog by using WordPress or Drupal .In this , you have to find out your niche on which you have a good command if you have a good knowledge about teaching a subject then you can make a blog for students, if you have good knowledge about internet and technology ,you can make your blog on technology also. For making money you have to follow some rules

  • ·         First of all provide good content on a easy language so visitors can easily understand that what you want to tell them about your subject.
  • ·         Be regular on blog so you provide information on daily basis then traffic automatically come on your blog or websites.
  • ·         Make a relationship between you and your readers so they feel that only you provide the real information to them
  • ·         Keep posting regular on blog.

In blog you can earn money by getting more and more traffic on your blog or website . when you have  near about 40 posts and feel that you have a regular visitors more than 100 per day and you have no copy-write material on your blog then you can apply for google Adsense for approval .Once you will get approval then you have to work regular on your blog and keep in mind that never post any copy-write material on your blog.Otherwise google Adsense will banned you .

So keep all above thing in mind before start blogging you will get success in your life and earn lots of  money .

Forex trading :

Forex trading is a trading like a share market but Forex trading works globally where you can earn more money by working in Forex currency trade , Forex option trade , many people are earning a good profit by using Forex trading platform .you can start your Forex trade by joining Forex4you platform.

# Buy or Sell domains :

If you have some money and have good ideas to choose good domains then you can buy some domain name and put them for reselling and earn a good commission ,for buying or selling domains you have to join many platform that Godaddy, BigRock, Hostgator etc. Now a days every businessman want to come online to sell his/her product online and he want a domain,but some time he/she will unable to get his business name domain name then he/she have to buy from resellers on high cost thus resellers are made a good profit by selling domain .

#     Become a freelancer :

If you have knowledge about computer and software then you can earn money online by becoming freelancer or work as freelancer from home .There are many sites those provide work from home .If you have good knowledge and want to start work from home then you can easily earn money from home , you have to join some freelancing websites where you can get good works on hourly basis ,you can charge them on hourly basis and complete the given projects on time and get good amount .some trust-able sites are here like Fiverr.comclickworker , freelancer.com ,where you can make your profile and get a good job from home .these websites gives you a ranking so customer can get a right information about you before providing you projects .if you works on the given time you will get the best rewards and rating from the websites .Many people are working from home and earning money .First of all grow your skill and start working from home online .


If you have a good voice then you can also earn money by selling your voice on voice.com, make some good voice demos and make a profile on voice.com and provide your demos on your profile ,people will get your demos and you can get a good job in some BPO, KPO, and some cartoon movies and cartoon serial for your voice, you can easily earn a lots of money on hourly basis and monthly basis also .

Affiliate marketing :

If you are a blogger or have a social account on any social media like Facebook ,you can easily start affiliate marketing and start earning money online.first of all you have to sign up some affiliate platforms like Flipkart affiliate ,Amazon affiliate,Commission Junction , and choose the product according to your website and your social media page and start advertising on your website and page ,when people visit your website they watch the advertisement and if people buy product by clicking on your affiliate links you will get a commission from the seller.

Buy or Sell product online

If you are a business man and want to increase your business. You can buy some old product and sell them on ebay or olx website or some local online sellers and earn a good profit from them if you have any old product you can advertise them on ebay or olx or quicker website. And get good commission .

Bitcoin orCrytocurrency trading:

You can start earning a good profit by trading on cryptocurrency market ,cryptocurrency is a virtual currency that works online ,bitcoin is a no 1 ranking cryptocurrency in world ,and its working globally ,some cryptocurrency names are Bitcoin ,Bitcoin gold , Bitcoin cash Litecoin, Etherum, Ripple, doge, Monero etc . you can also buy cryptocurrency in india also .In india many crypto platform are working like bitcoin india, Zebpay Unocoin. where you can buy or sell your bitcoins thus you can make a good profit by trading in bitcoin or cryptocurrency  

Online surveys:

You can earn money by survey online and give your reviews about your many products. You have to give your some minutes and hours for form filling online and give your reviews about products and you will get rewards from worldwide .many websites are working in survey field like toluna, panel place . Don’t forget to enter your referral code 01100F183596370D2005F6362A25B390 to earn 500 joining Bonus points in panelplace .

iOS App store URL :https://goo.gl/GB2rkz

Android Play store URL :https://goo.gl/9bKx76

where you can easily earn money upto $5 for per survey.

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